Emergency Contact line is for maintenance emergencies only.  In case of a fire or safety matter, please dial 911.

In the event of an after hours maintenance emergency, please call the emergency pager at 414-242-4920 and leave your name, complete address, telephone number, and a description of the maintenance service necessary.  A member of our maintenance will respond within the hour.

Maintenance emergencies include:
A.  Garage Door will not close or open
B.  Lobby Door or Any Security Door will not properly latch or lock
C.  Significant water leaks
D.  No heat from furnace during fall or winter months (temperature below 68 degrees)
E.  Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector or Gas Leak Matter
F.  Locked Out of Apartment – $50.00 charge

All other maintenance matters will be handled during regular business hours.  For non-emergency maintenance concerns after hours, please leave detailed message regarding the service(s) needed at 414-464-0550.

Thank you.